Hannah’s design journey started in middle school, where she taught herself HTML and CSS by extracting code from portfolio sites so she could customize her BlackPlanet page. As the internet grew in popularity, so did her obsession with all things digital. In high school, she took her self-taught skills and used it to customize her MySpace page. After noticing her interest in coding and art, her father bought her a small Wacom tablet and installed Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver on the family computer so she could explore these interests further. She started to design and code her own custom templates for her Xanga blog and shortly after that, she designed her very own portfolio website filled with her high school drawings and photography. She didn’t know this would be the origin story of her career.
After high school, Hannah went on to  received her B.F.A. from School of Visual Arts for Graphic Design and Motion Graphics.
Since SVA, she has worked for numerous clients such as Paramount Network, Comedy Central, TV Land, The Smithsonian Channel, The Long Island Rail Road, The Clever Agency, supermodel-activist Cameron Russell, and more.